win32com.client - parameter types

Tom Danielsen tom at
Tue Feb 27 12:55:21 CET 2001

I have a COM server with the following method:

        HRESULT getDict([out] IDispatch** pDictionary);

which makepy made into:

        def getDict(self, pDictionary=defaultNamedNotOptArg):
                return self._ApplyTypes_(0x60020016, \
                        1, (24, 0), ((16393, 2),), \
                        'getDict', None,pDictionary)

This is, the method returns its value in parameter 1.

VB and VBscript handles this, but I cannot get Python (2.0) to work.

Is there any way to get at this value in Python?  Is there a way I
can change the [out] to a [out, retval] and make Python return the
value as the return value of the method call?  If so, how?


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