Python 2 for Debian?

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> Hi
> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
>> On 27-Feb-2001 David Given wrote:
>> > Subject says it all, really. Does anyone know when Python 2 is coming out
>> > for Debian? All I can find on my local mirror is 1.5.
>> >
>> apt-get install python2-base.  It lives in unstable and testing.
>> Until the licensing gets straightened out, most python modules are not being
>> recompiled under Debian for python2.  So you can play with the language, but
>> some of the useful things are missing.
> Why not to put them into [non-free]? Who would mind?

IIRC, it's not that Python's license is restrictive; it passes the DFSG fine.
It's the fact that it conflicts with the GPL according to RMS, so distributing
the readline module binary, say, could be a GPL violation. No one wants to 
get Debian in legal trouble.

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