What to do after Python?

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Tue Feb 20 18:20:32 CET 2001

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>Roy Smith wrote:
>> cobrien at Radix.Net (Cary O'Brien) wrote:
>>> Your problem is that you C compiler was too good.  I learned C and
>>> 68000 assembly at the same time with a stupid C compiler.
>> Actually, I learned C and pdp-11 assembler at the same time :-)
>i used to bristle when a colleague of mine insisted that
>c *was* assembly language.  years later, i realized he was 
>correct.  c++ is a rather powerful macro-assembler.

More precisely, C is a cross-platform assembley language.  It's not
perfectly cross-platform, by any means, but it's pretty damn close.
Consider Python, for example....
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