Any practice exercises for beginner???

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On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 21:36:22 GMT, "shaka" <fabrice.n at> wrote:
> I was just wondering beside the tutorial if there was any practice
>exercises to reinforce beginners strength in python?
>I can recall that when learning Java, some Java website offered some
>exercises for beginners.
First of all, check out the Useless Python Page:
Download and run the code, see what it does, then try to duplicate it.

There is a link there to the Association for Computing Machinery
Collegiate Programming Contest Problem Set Archive, but it's
been updated:
(Note that contest entries must be in C/C++ or Pascal.)
(Great Grotty Ghu, this thing has an automated on-line
judge! I bet that's a pretty piece of code!)

Here's a problem I recently had fun with:

Many of the Win32 Network Resource enumeration tools return a list of 
[{'name':'comp1','comment':'room 100','type':WKSTATION},
 {'name':'comp2','comment':'room 101','type':SERVER}]

Try converting this to a dictionary of lists:
{'comp1':['room100',WKSTATION],'comp2':['room 101',SERVER]}

(Typed by hand, hope I got the punctuation right.)

Now step through the dictionary, printing out the characteristics
associated with each computer in a neatly-formatted table.

Hm, didn't come out in order, did it? Fix that.

It's interesting to do this with a large (15-20 entries), sorted
list(the Win32 functions return a list sorted by computer name); if
you print the result dictionary out as each entry is added, you can
watch the dictionary reorganize itself as it grows.

(This is as far as I got, I'm interested in the enumerated resources,
and this turns out not to be the best way to do what I want. But it
was an educational exercise.)

If you have a lot of time to waste, er, invest, write a wrapper that
solicits input to fill the source list, and then lets you search the
resulting dictionary for a particular entry. Duplicates of
already-existing entries should be handled gracefully. If you're
really ambitious, provide a mechanism to edit and delete entries as

OK, now re-write the interface so it uses Tk/Tcl dialogs instead of a
text-based interface.

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