C++ style Stream Operators

Alex A. Nikiforov nikifor at sky.inp.nsk.su
Sun Feb 11 07:48:10 EST 2001

Rainer Deyke <root at rainerdeyke.com> wrote:
> "Jim" <jimholliman at heartsoft.com> wrote in message
> news:3a831395.0 at
>> I'd like to use C++style stream i/o operators, such as "file_object <<
>> some_stuff" in my python code.
>> IS this sort of operator setup and what modules would I need to take
>> advantage of them if so?

> File objects in Python are somewhat like 'streambuf's in C++.  Just write
> your own class with a '__lshift__' that formats the text and writes it to a
> file object:

> class ostream:
>   def __init__(self, buf):
>     self.buf = buf
>   def __lshift__(self, rhs):
>     self.buf.write(str(rhs))

> cout = ostream(sys.stdout)
> cout << 'Hello world!\n'

what about cin ?

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