Using Python for Web development

Tim Roberts timr at
Mon Feb 12 01:21:11 EST 2001

billy_bill_1 at wrote:

>Thanks heaps for all the links and help, I think I'll start with

It might be easier for you to forget about an Apache module to start with,
and just do plain CGI scripts.  The python interpreter isn't all that big.

>One more thing I just thought of, how fast is python
>compared to php, asp perl etc?  PHP is damn fast for a scripting
>language, any benchmarks around?

Does it really matter?  CGI script execution time is negligible compared to
network overhead time.  The cost savings in development is significant
enough that I'll pay a performance penalty that cannot be measured, anyway.

If you program Python like you program Perl, you will find Python to be
slower.  For example, Perl programs often become a morass of regular
expression tweaks; Python doesn't do as well for that.  But once you figure
out the "Python" way to do things, the difference becomes slight.
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