How to determine own IP

Michael Bauer Mike_B at
Mon Feb 19 04:57:05 EST 2001

Bryan Mongeau wrote:

> Michael Bauer wrote:
> > [distributed network, PING and PONG]
> Umm, I won't pretend to understand your entire protocol from this brief
> description but I do applaud your attempt and your choice of programming
> language. However, from what I understand, it sounds like your scheme
> won't scale well with many users due to the high number of ping/pongs.
> Learn from the mistakes of others:

Yeah, i already know this document. It actually does apply to our project 
but with a much lesser impact since we took some measures to reduce the 
amount of PING and PONG going through the network.
Another problem with gnutella seems to be the shere number of search 
requests a user kicks off, while we produce network traffic rather seldom.
> Good luck and I apologize if this problem does not apply to your protocol.

Thank you, i appreciated your reply :-)


excuse my poor English...       

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