What to do after Python?

Sheila King sheila at spamcop.net
Sun Feb 18 16:29:43 EST 2001

On Sun, 18 Feb 2001 12:42:31 -0800, Erik Max Francis <max at alcyone.com> wrote
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:Johann Hibschman wrote:
:> C or C++ would at least help you understand how to manage your own
:> memory and perhaps give you a better sense of what goes on in the guts
:> of the machine.  Out of those, I'd recommend learning the basics of C
:> first, because I find C++ very confusing.
:Learning Standard C++ as Standard C++ as opposed to C with extra
:features is a lot more straightforward.  For the new approaches to
:learning C++ for its own sake, with emphasis on the modern features
:which make it really powerful and surprisingly easy to use, check out
:_Accelerated C++_ by Koenig and Moo.

I must say, that I am shocked at the number of apparent *groans* over C++
language, in this thread.

I teach C++ as a first programming language to high school students, via the
AP Computer Science Curriculum. (The course I teach is supposed to be
equivalent to a first semester University course for CS majors.) I think that
the trick, is to use a carefully selected subset of the C++ language.

Still, I must say that I really enjoy the Python I've been teaching myself the
last few months. I do intend to do a number of projects in Python, eventually.

Sheila King

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