Collection interfaces

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Tue Feb 27 21:34:23 EST 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 02:11:10 GMT, Topmind <topmind at> wrote:
>> And when they do, one refactors appropriately 
>Refactor is a great PHB-directed euphemism for
>code rework. Call it whatever you want, but it is
>still unnecessary work.

But given that requirements change and lacking a reliable Delphic
Oracle, it's impossible to divine the correct solution at the
beginning, so the code rework is unavoidable and necessary.

It would certainly be better if a writer like Leacock knew always what was
best to do and what would look best in the eyes of posterity, but such
unnatural foresight cannot be required of any man.
  -- Robertson Davies, _A Voice from the Attic_

You write a great program, regardless of language, by redoing it over & over &
over & over, until your fingers bleed and your soul is drained. But if you
tell newbies *that*, they might decide to go off and do something sensible,
like bomb defusing<wink>.
  -- Tim Peters, 5 Jun 1998


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