Python 2 for Debian?

Remco Gerlich scarblac at
Wed Feb 28 08:46:07 EST 2001

Robert Kern <kern at> wrote in comp.lang.python:
> IIRC, it's not that Python's license is restrictive; it passes the DFSG fine.
> It's the fact that it conflicts with the GPL according to RMS, so distributing
> the readline module binary, say, could be a GPL violation. No one wants to 
> get Debian in legal trouble.

But Python 1.6.1 was released recently, with a GPL compatible license. It
seems to have been met with silence in this newsgroup, but I hope this means
that Python 2.0 and higher can soon have a compatible license as well.

(A CNRI release, so not a release by Guido's Flying Circus, I believe)

Remco Gerlich

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