What to do after Python?

RPM1 rpm1deleteme at frontiernet.net
Sun Feb 18 15:40:22 CET 2001

For a job: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic (yuk).  Java would probably be the
easiest transition from Python.  If you are sure you'll want to learn C in
the future, then you should start with C first.  It's not that hard.  It's
actually a smaller language than any of the others.  The drawbacks with C
are no GUI built in and more importantly no safety features.  C's strongest
feature is that you can do anything you want... that's also its biggest
problem.  I think you'll get 'spoiled' if you learn Java first.

Patrick Mullhaupt, (C programmer)

Jim Eaton wrote in message <3A8F81BC.108488CA at pop3.qwestinternet.net>...
>I am learning Python as a first language, and I have been wondering what
>is a good language to learn after Python?  I'm thinking of either going
>into C or Java but I'm not sure which one because I've heard many
>arguments either way.  Will going into Java first be any detriment to
>learning C later?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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