Hi, Need 6"-8" Wafer Special! Si, SOI, ZnO, MEMS & More!

Chris Baker chris at collegewafer.com
Wed Feb 14 04:18:16 EST 2001


Let CollegeWafer.com take care of your wafer needs!  Save time and $$$ It's a 
FREE service to you!

Visit http://www.collegewafer.com or call 800-713-9375, Fax 888-832-0340 or email 
chris at collegewafer.com

We have AIN, Fused Silica, Pyrex, GaN, SiC, ZnO of course Si, SOI, Ultra-Thin 
Si, Ge, InP, ZnSe, ZnO, ZnS, GaP, Infrared and so much more, including:

Custom orders for Prime wafers, Test wafers, or Coin Roll wafers. 

5" N<100> 5-10 ohm-cm.   24-25.9mils
5" N <100> 10-20 ohm-cm. 24-26mils 
5" P<100> 5-10 ohm-cm.   24-25.9mils 
5" P<100> 10-20 ohm-cm.  24-25.9mils
6" N<100> 1-5 ohm-cm.    25-27.9mils 
6" N<100> 10-20 ohm-cm.  585-725µm  
6" N<100> 10-20 ohm-cm.  >650µm     
6" N<100> 20-30 ohm-cm.  625-725µm
6" N<100> 20-30 ohm-cm.  25-27.5mils
6" P<100> 1-10 ohm-cm.   625-725µm 
6" P<100> 10-20 ohm-cm.  625-725µm 
6" P<100> 2-15 ohm-cm.   625-725µm 
6" P<100> >30 ohm-cm.    25-27.5mils 
8" P<100> 1-10 ohm-cm.   675-775µm 
8" P<100> 10-20 ohm-cm.  675-775µm 
8" P<100> 10-20 ohm-cm.  700-750µm 
8" P<100> 10-20 ohm-cm.  700-750µm 
12" P <100> 1-100 ohm-cm.750-800µm 

Polishing and Reclaim:
We can polish test and prime wafers at better      than SEMI standard specifications.

Need Wafer inspection services?
Test your wafers for type, resistivity,                     thickness, TIR, STIR, 
TTV, FPD and cleanliness           analysis.

How about:
Cleaning, Lapping, Etching, Edge round,           graphic printouts (2D & 3D), 
Certificate of      Conformance, Certificate of Analysis,     Polishing, Reclaim 
Services, Laser-cutting and           Oxide Services 

Ask about In-House Oxide Services: 

Thermally grown oxide for 2"-8" wafers ranging in thickness from 500-100,000 



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