Geometric classes (lines, planes etc)?

Matthew Schinckel ten.llun at ttam
Fri Feb 9 03:39:25 EST 2001

In message <3a8248d8_1 at>, Jan Ekholm wrote:
> Hi all,
> For a project we would need to use some classes for manipulating geometric
> entities. We need something like planes, lines, points etc, and
> possibilities to manipulate and calculate with them. We do however not
> want to draw them in any way, so I'm not looking for anything graphical
> here, just something that allows me to represent simple geometric shapes
> in space.
> Is there anything available that we could use, or do we need to build our
> own? A Google search turned up a *lot* about Tk (which is not what we
> want) and about using Python with Qt and Gnome.

You can have a look at my rudimentary CAD framework - at this stage it does
only what you are after. (And is incomplete :-)

Matthew Schinckel
matt at null dot net

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