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Bryan Mongeau bryan at
Mon Feb 19 01:14:47 EST 2001

Michael Bauer wrote:

> Hi *
> I'm stuck with a kind of dumb problem. I'm implementing a project based on
> a distributed, decentralised network. Communication between nodes is
> established through xml-rpc.
> For a new host to gather some other members of the network, it sends out a
> PING that is passed on through the net. Each host receiving the PING
> returns a PONG. Since the PONG is not sent directly to the new host but
> passed back through all hosts that passed on the PING, i need to store the
> IP of the answering hosts inside the PONG package.
> Now, to the real problem :-)
> If a host has more than one network adapter, how do i know which IP should
> i put inside  the PONG package?
> Specifically, when dealing with dial-up users who are also connected to a
> LAN, gethostbyname(gethostname()) always returns their internal adress.
> Any ideas?

Umm, I won't pretend to understand your entire protocol from this brief 
description but I do applaud your attempt and your choice of programming 
language. However, from what I understand, it sounds like your scheme won't 
scale well with many users due to the high number of ping/pongs.

Learn from the mistakes of others:

Good luck and I apologize if this problem does not apply to your protocol.
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