Some basic questions about Tkinter (and Python)

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Fri Feb 9 12:21:28 EST 2001

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Martyn Quick  <mrq at> wrote:
>You're not the first person to recommend me this book on this
>newsgroup.  Unfortunately, we don't seem to have it in the library at the
>university where I work, as otherwise it would be in my hands by now.  I
>know you say buy the book, but I can't afford that - perhaps you earn more
>than I do?
As your countryman David Ricardo so vividly
expressed it, it's the *comparative* advan-
tage, not absolute income, which best explains
our behavior.

Does your University not offer inter-library
loan services?

When I write, "buy", that abbreviates an
entire constellation of assumptions and reali-
zations.  Most bluntly, if it's worth the
expense to the kingdom to keep you titled as
a Research Fellow in Mathematics, then it's
worth it to someone to ensure a book which 
will benefit you so much reaches your hands

If no one else steps forward, Dr. Quick, I
will; write me privately and I'll arrange for
a copy to reach you.
>I have a friend who is a computer programmer (and definitely earns more
>than I do ;-)  who recommended that I give python a try.  He is going to
>lend me his copy of a book on python on Saturday - Hammond & Robinson,
>"Python Programming on Win32".  I don't know whether this has sufficient
>info on Tkinter to help, but it's about the only non-online source that I
>can get hold of.
This book has many virtues.  Its coverage of
Tkinter occupies ten pages, and is slightly
outdated.  It uses those ten pages to good
advantage, though.

Cameron Laird <claird at>

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