import statement is case sensitive

Costas Menico costas at
Thu Feb 22 03:58:29 CET 2001

"Lyle Johnson" <ljohnson at> wrote:

>> Also what is the purpose of even having it case sensitive. I've yet to
>> see a file system that has case sensitive filenames....
>There is an operating system called "Unix" that has case-sensitive file
>names. There is a slight chance that others on this newsgroup have also
>heard of this obscure operating system.

Well given the fact that Linux and Windows is beating it to death I
can see why Unix is becoming obscure :)

Actually I would consider this a shortcoming of Unix. Shipping a
product that depends on the directory names and files being in the
right case must cause all sorts of headaches.

I am trying to run an an application under Windows and now I have to
worry if my directory name is in the correct case. I use PythonWin (a
fantastic product) to run and test it. There is no option for telling
it to ignore the case of the import filenames that I could see.

And renaming directories and files is not an easy option.. But anyway,
this is should automatically be handled in Python depending on the OS.

Why would asnyone make the same filenames with different cases? Is
there a good use?

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