how to get the output of embedded python?

Jean-Luc Fontaine jfontain at
Wed Feb 14 05:06:53 EST 2001

David Bolen wrote:

> Jean-Luc Fontaine <jfontain at> writes:
> > With python, according to my research on the subject (which may be wrong
> > since I am new in python), there does not seem to be any simple way to
> > gather the output of a script passed for example to PyRun_SimpleString.
> > I also looked at the huge piece of code that handles the interactive
> > part of python so that typing 1+1 at the prompt prints 2.
> You may need to be a little more clear on what you mean by "output" -
> is it anything the script generates,

Yes. That is whatever output you would see when in interactive mode, if 
that makes any sense...

> or are you looking for
> information that is otherwise sent to sys.stdout?  The former may be
> impossible, given that scripts may write files or do various
> operations.

That does not seem to matter in other scripting languages, such as Tcl or 
Perl: calling an internal eval C function with a script as argument returns 
the result of the script (not what comes out on stdout or stderr), which 
may be empty.

For example, if I define a function foo that returns a string, invoking 
eval("foo()") in C would return that string. Is not that the behavior of 
python in interactive mode, for example?

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