Variable depth of nesting

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Sun Feb 11 18:14:13 EST 2001

In article <3A815C12.A375380F at>, Andrew Cooke
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| I think this is "Power Loops" - see the first chapter (IIRC) of Finkel
| at,3833,0805311912+20,00.html
| (although I may be wrong as they never made much sense to me and my
| brand-spanking-new firewall won't let me look at the book that URL
| indicates any more because it's FTP).

thank you for the pointer! i've had a good time reading the book
(about half way through now).  the power loops section is actually in
chapter 2 (section 4). 

the book says:
  Although power loops are elegant, they are subsumed by recursive
  proce-dures, albeit with a loss of elegance and efficiency.

i'm not sure i agree about the elegance part either...

  -- erno

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