Random and whrandom

Ross Lazarus rerla at channing.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 1 13:24:43 EST 2001

Nice - and I found the documentation at

Also of potential interest to fellow prng consumers who need real speed
- http://www.sbc.su.se/~per/crng/ - gives about 6 million/sec from the
mersenne twister cf 7600/sec from rv twister (rv running on a slower

Alex Martelli wrote:

> As partial atonement for the sin and heresy of "Defending
> Unnecessary Complexity In The Name Of Unwarranted Generality",
> I've taken advantage of Frohne's very-generous copyright
> provisions to put an rv.zip containing his rv.py 1.1 (from
> November 1998) up for download at http://www.fenx.com/alex/rv.zip
> (it's not a particularly fast or well-connected machine, but
> the only one I can place something for anonymous dowload
> right now -- I hope somebody will pick it up and place it
> somewhere better accessible!).

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