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Thu Feb 1 20:51:45 EST 2001

VSA Manager Software Architect/Lead Developer

Software Architect/Developer

Sliceware, Inc.

Sliceware has an open position for a Software Architect/Developer located in 
Portland, Oregon. You will be responsible for the design and implementation of 
one of Sliceware's core software products, the server end of an Internet-based 
client-server system. The server will be implemented in Zope. You will work with 
our Chief Architect, the lead architect of the client end project, and other 
team members.

Must Have Experience:
* Previous work as a Software Architect
* Good communication skills
* Shipping software to end-users (As opposed to building websites or 
web-applications that don't ship to users.)
* Object-oriented development (Python, Java, C++, Smalltalk, etc.)
* Scalable, multi-tier web applications
* Enterprise Databases (Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.)
* Distributed computing
* Open Source software and development methodologies
* Unix, Linux
* W. Richard Stevens :-)
* BS - Computer Science (or equivalent)

Nice To Have Experience:
* Python
* Zope
* Project Management
* Public Key Infrastructure, X.509 Certificates, SSL and TLS
* LDAP/Directory programming

About Sliceware, Inc.:
Sliceware Inc. develops, markets and sells software for office networks and 
software tools to administer them remotely.

Please send your resume to jobs at

Adam Feuer
jobs at

6932 SW Macadam Ave. Suite C
Portland OR 97219

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