NameError in cross imports of modules

Thomas Wouters thomas at
Sun Feb 4 18:25:24 EST 2001

On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 07:55:28PM +0000, Jay O'Connor wrote:

> Of course the return argument is that using "moduleName.ClassName" is
> the correct scoping tool.

> I see your points; I will rethink my approach

Note that the whole thing was just my humble opinion. I'm not trying to
force people to follow my guidelines or my ideas, just trying to explain
them in the most elaborate way I can think of, and hoping it will open your
eyes to the foolishness of your ways, like it did with Jay <wink>.

I also have a particular weakness in this area that not everyone shares: I
type too fast for the average keyboard to keep up(*). So I *really* don't
care about the extra typing to get 'Tkinter.' in front of each Tkinter
variable. The reading part is much, much more important to me :)

I-bet-even-Guido-uses-from-import-*-more-often-than-me-:-)-ly y'rs 

*) This is particularly true for cheapo keyboards and laptop-keyboards. They
use a limited number of wires to connect the keys with the keyboard
processor, and some combinations introduce an extra 'ghost' keystroke. For
instance, my own laptop insists 'pyt' is followed by a semi-colon, and 'bsd'
is followed by a 'u', regardless of the fact I follow them with 'hon' and
'i', respectively. If you ever see me write 'pyt;hon', you know I was typing
on my keyboard :)

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