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Wed Feb 14 14:09:44 EST 2001

dag esmi,

zoals daarnet beloofd aan de telefoon :
... mijn cdlijst.

als ge iets wilt lenen, ge laat maar iets weten ... 

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apoptygma berzerk	7
blackhouse		holy war
calva y nada		el peste perverso lleva mi peluca
clair obscur		a collection of isolated tracks 1982 - 1988
clair obscur		play
collapse		section
covenant		sequencer
cubanate		oxyacetelyne
current 93		all dolled up like christ (2CD)
current 93		crooked crosses for a noddy god
current 93		earth covers earth
current 93		faust 
cybertec project        cybertec project
daniel mensche		static burn
das ich			die propheten
das ich			feuer
das ich			satanische verse
de fabriek		save the planet	
death in june		discriminate (2CD)
death in june		operation hummingbird
death in june		rose clouds of holocaust
death in june 		something is coming (2CD) 
death in june 		take care and control
death in june		the wall of sacrifice
der prager handgriff	arglistige tauschung
diary of dreams		cholymelan
die form		ad infinitum
die form		silent order re versions (CDS)
die form		suspiria de profundis
die form                vicious circles / the best of
dissecting table	music for performance 'dead body and me'
dive			live action (CDS)
dorsetshire		das letzte gefecht
einsturzende neubauten	zeichnungen des patienten o.t.
engelsstaub		ignis fatuus: irrlichter
esplendor geometrico	1980 - 1982 (2CD)
esplendor geometrico	1983 - 1987
esplendor geometrico	balearic rhythms
esplendor geometrico    kosmos kino
esplendor geometrico	nador
esplendor geometrico	tarikat (2CD)
esplendor geometrico	tokyo sin fin
fire + ice		birdking
front 242		front by front
front line assembly	live wired (2CD)
goethes erben 		blau
goethes erben 		der die das
goethes erben		leben im niemandsland
goethes erben 		sitz der genade
goethes erben 		tote augen sehen leben
hybryds			cortex stimulation
hybryds			ein phallisher gott
hypnoskull		ffwd>>burnout
imminent starvation     nord
in slaughter natives    in slaughter natives
in slaughter natives	purgate my stain
klinik			black leather
london after midnight	selected scenes from the end of the world
madre del vizio		dio dio dio
maeror tri		mort aux vaches
merzbow			oersted
muslimgauze		bruto (CDS)
muslimgauze		silknoose
muslimgauze		zealot (2CD)
noisex			over and out
non			might!
noshinto		revenge of the 50ft monogroove
oomph!			der neue gott (CDS)
puissance		let us lead
qntal 			II 
raison d'etre		in sadness, silence and solitude
relatives menschsein	gefallene engel
sol invictus		lex talionis
sonar			sonar
sopor aeternus		ehjeh asher ehjeh
sopor aeternus		ich tote mich jedesmal aufs neue ...
sopor aeternus		the inexperienced spiral traveller
sopor aeternus		todeswunsch
SPK			information overload unit
SPK			leichenschrei 
sungod			sungod
the moon lay hidden ...	a new soldier follows the path of a new king	
the moon lay hidden ... a night in fear
throbbing gristle	assume power focus
umbra et imago		gedanken eines vampirs
umbra et imago		infantile spiele
umbra et imago		traume, sex und tod
vromb			le facteur humain
yasnaia			oniro
zoviet france		what is not true
v/a			2/3
v/a			antzen anthology (2CD) (only cd 1)
v/a			bodyhorst's popshow
v/a			dance macabre sampler
v/a			electrocity vol. 5
v/a			invisible domains
v/a			jekura - deep the eternal forest
v/a			sound-line vol. 2
v/a			sound-line vol. 3
v/a			sound-line vol. 4
v/a			sound-line vol. 5
v/a			the tyranny of the beat vol. II
v/a			the tyranny of the beat vol. III
v/a			to cheer up all yer suicide parties
v/a			touched by the hand of god (2CD) (only cd 1) 
v/a			zillo clubhits 3
vnv nation 		praise the fallen
x marks the pedwalk 	freaks 
x marks the pedwalk	meshwork

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