[ANNOUNCE] New version of the JAXML module

Jerome Alet alet at unice.fr
Mon Feb 19 09:08:24 EST 2001

I'm very pleased to announce you the new 2.10 version of the JAXML

With the JAXML module, generating XML documents has never been easier,
this module:

        * Takes care of the indentation for you: your XML documents are
          readable by humans.
        * Takes care of closing tags for you.
        * Can generate every tag you want in an incredibly easy way.
        * Offers two templating facilities (see below)
        * Can generate XHTML documents and be used in CGI scripts
because it
          takes care of the HTTP headers too.

Here's a sample:

--- CUT ---
import jaxml
x = jaxml.XML_document()
x.something(value=5).dummy("some dummy text", isntit="YES")
print x

will produce:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<something value="5">
    <dummy isntit="YES">some dummy text</dummy>
--- CUT ---

The JAXML module is GPLed, you can download it freely from:



        * A new and very powerful templating facility was added: there
is now
          two templating facilities in JAXML
        * Better code documentation.
        * When testing truth value on documents, returns false on empty
          documents and true on not empty ones.

The well commented test program and module's sources are your best

Comments are very welcome.

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