Please translate this easy snip of C++ to Python

Quinn Dunkan quinn at
Tue Feb 6 04:43:22 CET 2001

On Mon, 05 Feb 2001 17:44:06 GMT, Rainer Deyke <root at> wrote:
>ComputerExplodingError is one of the "hidden" exceptions of the Underground
>of Pythonic Secrecy (UPS), created in response to the much cooler names of
>rival groups Secret Pythonic Underground (SPU) amd Pythonic Secret
>Underground (SPU).  It is raised automatically when a computer "goes

So long as it goes via normal routes, there shouldn't be a problem.  But know
that the Tristero network takse a dim view of transporting equipment for other
nonexistent organizations.

Don't ever antagonize the horn.

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