Quelles sociétés développent en PYTHON en FRANCE

Johan Jonkers J.Jonkers at acriter.com
Fri Feb 2 01:37:18 EST 2001

Been using Python for like 6 months now here in Holland.

Martin Skott wrote:
> "Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at effbot.org> writes:
> > Johan Jonkers wrote:
> > > Making postings in a non-English language will probably result in not
> > > many people answering. Bad English is usually more understood then
> > > French.
> >
> > Det beror väl iofs på målgruppen.  Jag är nästan helt säker
> > på att franska Python-användare faktiskt kan läsa Jean-Louis
> > meddelande ;-)
> Well I feel both of you are right, but it would be a pain to read
> groups where you could only understand some of the messages because
> some elite group are discussing in some language you don't know.
> The question from the original poster (as far as my two years of
> French can help me) was basicly:
> We always hear about Python being used in the US (mentions Google and
> a  few other), but what about France? There was a lot more, but this
> is the core of the question.
> I would like to extend this to Europe (or Asia or Anarctica or any
> other part of the world outside US). Where are people using Python?
> I can stat by telling that I am Danish, but working with Python in
> Ireland (in a job I found through this group).
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