Is Python for me?

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Mon Feb 12 00:40:18 CET 2001

Cliff Crawford <cjc26 at> wrote:
> * Tim Peters <tim_one at> menulis:
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> | > I'm investigating at M,
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> | Don't know it.

> It's a weird database language developed at a Boston-area hospital in
> the late '60s.  It used to be called MUMPS; I guess they changed the
> name because they felt silly saying "I program in MUMPS" ;)

Woah, if that's really the M he's talking about.. at my previous workplace
MUMP ('M systems') was still used. It's not really a modern language. 
Though it has a verbose mode, its default representation looks more like
line noise than Perl does, and it's not a functional language. It does
have some weird database system integrated with it; not really relational
but it comes closest to that.

I believe there are a few modern open source implementations of it
these days, but I'm not sure how well they work. Anyway, it's still
being used, though my ex-coworker is happily playing with Zope and Python
these days as well. :)


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