popen2 questions

Daniel Klein danielk at aracnet.com
Fri Feb 2 08:53:55 EST 2001

On Fri, 02 Feb 2001 07:38:26 +0100, Johan Jonkers <J.Jonkers at acriter.com>

>-1 probably means that it's not supported. The data will be send
>directly and not buffered. Anyways, that's what it looks like to me,
>however I (gladly!) don't use windows :)

Thanks Johan, that's what I suspected.

I have to test these kinds of things on _all_ platforms that are required by my
users, and that includes Windows. In this industry, it is fatal to make value
judgements especially on a product as ubiquitous as Windows.

Have a nice day. :^)

Daniel Klein
Portland, OR USA

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