Geometric classes (lines, planes etc)?

Pearu Peterson pearu at
Thu Feb 8 04:48:36 EST 2001

I have written a Python interface to cddlib, a library for computational
geometry. See

It does not define planes, lines, points, etc but they can be defined in
the terms of computational geometry. Depends what do you want to do with
planes, lines, etc....


On 8 Feb 2001, Jan Ekholm wrote:

> For a project we would need to use some classes for manipulating geometric
> entities. We need something like planes, lines, points etc, and
> possibilities to manipulate and calculate with them. We do however not
> want to draw them in any way, so I'm not looking for anything graphical
> here, just something that allows me to represent simple geometric shapes
> in space.
> Is there anything available that we could use, or do we need to build our
> own? A Google search turned up a *lot* about Tk (which is not what we
> want) and about using Python with Qt and Gnome.

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