TKInter installation problems

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Feb 5 18:56:40 CET 2001

guy bashan wrote:
> missing: tcl83.dll.  After a little search I downloaded the PythonWare
> package, which should have the tkinter in it. The PythonWare looks pretty
> much like the ActivePython, but it really did include the missing DLL. after
> copying the requested DLL to the folder of the ActivePython (under the DLL
> folder), I tried running the sample again, but encountered some weird long
> sequence of errors, and at the end got a message that the TCL is probably
> not installed well . . .     What have I done wrong ???

you need tcl83.dll, tk83.dll, and also the tcl/tk library files (they're
in the tcl subdirectory in the PY20 distribution).  see our install faq
for some clues on where to put them:

or you could get scriptics tcl/tk installer, and pray that activestate's
distro will find the dlls if they're installed in the default location:

hope this helps!

Cheers /F

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