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Dr. David Mertz mertz at
Sun Feb 18 13:25:23 EST 2001

I have written, for IBM developerWorks, a comparative review of most of
the books below.  Actually, I wrote it quite a while ago by now... and
publishers have... delays.  Look for it on IBM soon, and in the
meanwhile, feel free to read:

Yours, David...

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Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 16:41:39 GMT
From: ransen_spam_me_not at (Owen F. Ransen)
Subject: Done the tutorial, now which book? (Python 2)

I mean a book which goes through examples and excercises
and things like that? (Rather than a manual). For background
I'll tell you that I am a C++ graphics programmer.

  Learning Python ~Mark Lutz, David Ascher
  Python Programming on Win32 ~Mark Hammond, Andy Robinson
  Programming Python ~Mark Lutz
  Python and Tkinter Programming ~John E. Grayson
  The Quick Python Book ~Daryl D. Harms, et al
  Sams Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours ~Ivan Van Laningham
  Programming with PYTHON ~Tim Alton
  Core Python Programming ~Wesley J. Chun
  Python Developer's Handbook ~Andre Lessa
  Learning to Program Using Python ~Alan Gauld

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