Python 2.0 or Activestate Python?

Paul Prescod paulp at
Sun Feb 25 05:51:17 CET 2001

OneDay at A.Time wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have Python 2.0 and am looking for some enlightenment on Activestate Python.
> Will it work with my original Python 2.0?

On Windows machines, ActiveState will replace another Python as the
"standard" Python (i.e. the one in the search path, the one associated
with files etc.)

> Should I delete the original Python 2.0 first?

It doesn't matter but there is not much virtue in having both around.

> What advanages does Activestate offer?

O'Reilly did an article about the different distributions recently.

A new version of ActivePython will be released in the next week or so.
It will have some new features and bug fixes. If you download RIGHT NOW
I'll promise you a free upgrade to that version (which will also be

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