Everyone will soon be using 2.0? (was: urllib.open('http://www.redherring.com/'))

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> > to me it looks like the problem lies whithin python itself? is there
> > point in reporting such bugs when everyone will soon be using python
> > anyway?
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> Will they? There's a whole slew of people who will still be with 1.5.2
> the likes of Redhat & Debian release Python 2 packages with an
> release. Some of the changes from 1.5.2 to 2.0 are very significant
> (byte-code and c-extension incompatibility) and I can't imagine that
> major distributions will be able to standardise on 2.0 until all the
> python add-ons have been re-built, tested and packaged too.
> I for one will be sticking with 1.5.2 until there are 2.0 versions of
> add-on I use (pygresql, PIL and others) available or easily
installable on
> the majority of Linux boxes in my organisation and beyond. That will
be at
> least 6 months, in my estimation. (For Windows users, this time will
be shorter
> because they are used to gathering EXEs from random locations on the
> Further, I think that people will be starting new projects with 1.5.2
for some
> time yet, in the same way that there are Java projects starting off
now with
> JDK 1.1.
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So, what is the procedure like when reporting bugs? There should
probably be more people looking into the problem first? ..And I do agree
with you on sticking to 1.5.2 for a while still. Myself, I will wait for
the next release of Redhat before I start porting to Python 2.0.


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