Q:python control of gnome-canvas

nick nickb at earth.ox.ac.uk
Mon Feb 5 13:06:59 EST 2001

I would be very grateful for any assistance here.

Q/ How do I get a  CanvasItem position information to update when I move
I can move things but their position info seems to remain unchanged!

I can't find the answer to this particular problem though there is a lot
of info out there....

Setting up some test routines on a gnome-canvas
when moving widgets using event drivers and the mouse.

For a rectangle I have ...

the original location-
and can see the location info by -
    widget['x1'] etc

and using an event driver to do-

but widget['x1'] etc are not updated and only hold the original widget

I can only get the coordinates to update using

I presume I am missing something.
It gets worse if I try and group things since it is rather
troublesome to have to explicitly set  multiple grouped widgets.

So - how do I get the position information to update when a widget

thanks if you can spare the time

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