Using Python for Web development

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Yes, you can use Python as an apache module, see and
search mod_snake project at

If you use CGI module, that will me some more familiar to you as you are
using PHP & ASP. But mod_python & mod_snake both have different approaches.
mod_snake has an advantage, you can embed your python code in HTML (as PHP &
ASP). But both of this modules needs much more customization on the web
server than PHP Apache module. And, with mod_python, you should deal with

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Hi all,

I'm new to Python and so far I like what I see!  I would really like to
use it for web development as I'm currently using PHP and ASP and I'm a
bit sick of thier lack of good OO support and the c style syntax etc
etc (especially php).  PHP can be used as an apache module, can python
be used in this way too?  I don't want to have to deal with any of the
header information stuff as well like in PERL cgi scripts.  Any links
or information anyone can give me to get me on my way?


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