[Python-Dev] RE: Update to PEP 232

Barry A. Warsaw barry at digicool.com
Mon Feb 26 12:57:09 EST 2001

>>>>> "TJI" == Tony J Ibbs <tony at lsl.co.uk> writes:

    TJI> 1. Clarify the final statement - I seem to have the
    TJI> impression (sorry, can't find a message to back it up) that
    TJI> either the BDFL or Tim Peters is very against anything other
    TJI> than the "simple" #f.a = 1# sort of thing - unless I'm
    TJI> mischannelling (?) again.

>From the next draft of the PEP:

"The BDFL is currently against any such special syntactic support for
setting arbitrary function attributes."

    TJI> 2. Reference the thread/idea a little while back that ended
    TJI> with #def f(a,b) having (publish=1)# - it's certainly no
    TJI> *worse* than the proposals in the PEP! (Michael Hudson got as
    TJI> far as a patch, I think).

Any possibility that you have a url for this reference?


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