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Sat Feb 10 02:02:45 EST 2001

Jeremy Hylton wrote:

> In article <3dg0hn8zlr.fsf at>,
>   Andrew Kuchling <akuchlin at> wrote:
> > Should the full text of PEPs be posted at some point?
> I think the text would be too long to post directly.  A URL should be
> sufficient.

Many newsgroups post their entire FAQs periodically.  PEPs are a few 
hundred lines at most -- not a huge burden.  Besides, compared to the 
weekly traffic on c.l.p. a PEP is just a drop in the bucket.

To be kind to those with slow connections who may want to skip PEP texts, 
they could have a distinctive subject line format, e.g. 
        [PEP 666 Text] Curly-Braces for Delimiting Blocks

IMO, posting the text of PEPs to the newsgroup is a no-brainer.  It keeps 
the users informed of the language's direction at essentially zero cost.


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