Global Variables

O'Rourke Clodagh-corour01 corour01 at
Mon Feb 19 20:44:27 CET 2001

Hi Everybody,

I am a beginner-ish at Python and I am working on a large project using it right now.

I am having a lot of problems with my variable scope.

Where exactly should global variables be declared?

I have written a class that reads the contects of an INFORMIX database into variables and arrays for manipulation.  
Several methods access the same arrays/variables.  I read the values in no problem but when I try to access them from another function aside from  the one they were initiated in they all contain PY_VARO ?  I s'ppose they cannot be seen by the function in which I am trying to use them so where should they be declared?

If anyone could offer my some much needed help I would be very grateful,

Thank You,
Clodagh O' Rourke

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