win98 spawnv vs execv

zzzzz zzizz_ at
Sun Feb 25 00:50:31 CET 2001

Hi all,
I running be-open python 2.0 with pythonwin on win98 and get an
windows execption when I launch a program with os.execv causing
pythonwin to immediately close... even though the program is
succefully launched. However, when I use os.spawnv with a os.P_WAIT
option the function works fine.

Is this likely to be:
a) a platform limitation,
b) something to do with my computer (I run Nortons Anti-Virus 5.0 not
2000 and I don't think I'm launching popen*),
c) something else I've haven't thought of, or
d) stop making up other options.

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