SocketServer inconsistencies

Jeff Epler jepler at
Wed Feb 14 04:55:06 CET 2001

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 15:07:06 -0800, Daniel Klein
 <DanielK at> wrote:
>I am attempting to write some socket code which must be platform indepent
>and the following behavior indicates that I can't use the SocketServer
>module as I had hoped to do.

This error may mean that your Python installation is damaged, and/or
that Windows is brain damaged.

Google for "PYTHONCASEOK" and you'll find a solution to your problem.

As far as I know, the SocketServer module ought to work on Windows,
the problem is due to the case of the filename ( vs and the fact that the VFAT/FAT32 filesystem is
case-preserving but case-sensitive.  If you perform the suggested
web search, you can read more about it than you care to see.


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