2nd Python Seminar in Seoul Was a Success

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at vet.uu.nl
Wed Feb 7 01:01:53 CET 2001

June Kim <junaftnoon at nospamplzyahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello Python users all over the world,

> We are happy to tell you that the 2nd Python Seminar in Seoul, South Korea
> on Feb. 2 was a great success. We had more than 600 people on the day, and a
> few had to go back home in the morning because we didn't have enough seats
> for them. It was such a boom. A few reporters came to cover the seminar and
> interviewed the people. There'll be several articles about the seminar in
> some magazines next month.

Woah, we were happy in Europe to have about 70 people attending our
EuroZopeCon a few weeks ago, and you people get 600 people coming to
see about Stackless Python? What are you doing in Korea that we're
not doing in Europe? :)


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