Stream interfaces

Don Dwiggins dwig at
Wed Feb 28 17:40:12 EST 2001

Topmind writes:
> Why not have something like this instead:

> s = newStream(....)
> s.peekable = true
> s.positionable = false
> s.external = blah
> s.buffered = blah
> s.readAble = true
> s.writeAble = true
> [use the stream now.....]

> (Note that the dot syntax could be a 
> dictionary instead of an object, BTW.
> Also note that these would have *defaults*
> so that not every setting needs to be
> explicitly set.)

A couple of reactions:

- Could this kind of thing be achieved using multiple inheritance with
  properly constructed mixins?  (For example, do the Common Lisp or Eiffel
  folks use mixins to this effect?)

- I've looked a very little at Aspect-Oriented Programming, which was pretty
  much at the research stage when I peeked.  Based on that little bit of
  knowledge, this looks like it might be along the same lines (maybe an
  application of AOP).  Sorry, I don't have a good URL handy, but it should
  be a good search term for your favorite engine.

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