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Sat Feb 10 11:15:39 CET 2001

just a random thought that popped in my head:

what would be needed to debug code going across two languages, such as
python and eiffel, maybe with a little c in between (ie for gtk), maybe
over corba or xmlrpc?

is there a debugger that understands corba?
how about xmlrpc on a local machine?

how complicated would either (or both) of these be?

and without the rpc/ipc stuff, how difficult would that be?
i figure alot simpler than the other two...


i like debugging code. not that much -- its better when it just works,
but it still is fun to see what goes on `inside'. within the year
(enough time for open source ;) i plan to have a working
editor/debugger that understands both python and eiffel (smalleiffel
compiles to c, which is a story in and f itself).

if i can step through both hard and soft layers of my programs, that
would be great.


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