Swalow: Where to get packages?

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Wed Feb 28 04:09:25 EST 2001

First of all, let me take care of this:

[Oops, the next 5 paragraphs are rambling with a status update.  Skip
them to get to what I mentioned in the subject]

My goal for tonight was to understand distutils and get a couple of my
packages converted over to use it and just get familiar with it a bit.
Very well thought-out.  Works beautifully and required very little time
for me to wrap my mind around.

So, I released Distutiled versions of my netstring and CHAP modules
(the latter has a dependency on the former), and updated my sample data
to include that information.  Then I set to work on the prototype code
for the server and client.

It's reasonably primitive right now, but I've got it to the point where
the command "swalow download ITEMNAME=chap PKGVERS=1.13" will pick up the
file from one of the listed locations (selected randomly), try the
the list of locations until the size and checksum match the what the
server said they should be, and return the path and file name it was
downloaded to.

I also added "swalow install ITEMNAME=chap PKGVERS=1.13", which does the
download, extracts the tar.gz file, creates a binary RPM and installs it.
Works wonderfully for distutils packages.  Oh, I've also asked one of
our guys who is familiar with both RPM and .debs about doing a
"bdist_deb" target for Distutils, and have asked him to work on it.

My goal for tomorrow is to figure out how to deal with dependencies.

Dang, I got off topic there...

One of my questions now is, where do we get the packages?  Is there a
collection of nice, juicy distutils packages out there that I just
don't know about?  What about the Vaults, any way to get information from
them?  At the very least I need to know:

	Package name
	Package version
	Does it include a Distutils setup.py
	Where to download it

If somone can recommend some locations where I can pick up at least a few
nice dist-utils packages to include in the setup, that'd be great as some
additional testing.

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