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Sun Feb 11 07:28:22 EST 2001

billy_bill_1 at wrote:
> I'm new to Python and so far I like what I see!

Then you are a wise and discerning soul.

> I would really like to
> use it for web development as I'm currently using PHP and ASP and I'm a
> bit sick of thier lack of good OO support and the c style syntax etc
> etc (especially php).  PHP can be used as an apache module, can python
> be used in this way too?  I don't want to have to deal with any of the
> header information stuff as well like in PERL cgi scripts.  Any links
> or information anyone can give me to get me on my way?

Some things that spring to mind:

 * Zope
      An entire web development and content management platform written in
      and customisable with Python.

 * 'cgi' module:
      Undoubtedly nicer than the Perl equivalent.

 * WebWare:
      Server-side utilities, framework and templating tools for Python

 * PSP (Python server pages)
      ASP equivalent for Python

 * Quixote
      "Yet Another framework for developing Web applications in Python"

Cameron Laird has an excellent and more complete collection of alternatives
catalogued at

Hope that helps,


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