placing widgets at x,y coordinates on a window with Tkinter

Scott Hathaway slhath at
Sat Feb 24 18:30:17 EST 2001

I have a VB program that I want to convert to Tkinter.  The VB program uses
"skins" to allow the user to createa graphics that are used for the window.
The window of the program resizes itself to be the size of the background
image.  Then, there are 6 buttons and a drop-down box that I allow the users
to tell me (in the theme.dat file for a theme) where they are to be placed
on the screen.  The users give me the top and left coordinates for the

How can I do this with Tkinter.  From what I understand about .pack()
.place() and grid(), none of them would allow for me to specify the x,y
coords in pixels on the fly.  Is this correct?  How can I do this?


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