python-dev summary 2001-02-01 - 2001-02-15

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Thu Feb 15 18:39:10 CET 2001

Michael Hudson wrote:
[summary of python-dev]

Thanks for the summary.  In case you are wondering, it was
helpful to me to have it.  As a result I just:

  - sent mail to one of my clients saying they'll need
    to audit their code for "from spam import *" problems
    before upgrading to 2.1 (they use that construct in
    about a dozen places).

  - sent mail to one of the other projects I'm on talking
    about planning a standardization on PyUnit for regression
    testing.  (We use two; a modified regrtest and a different
    XP-based tester.)

Also, you asked:
> Have *you* upgraded to Python 2.0?  If not, why not?

I have for my own stuff.  In fact, I just last week
installed Python 2.1 from CVS.  Doing so reminded my why
I don't like upgrading Python.  There was a change in
the C level API which required a rebuild of all of my
extensions.  Many of them are from RPMs but as I don't
use them all that often (eg, the gtk modules) I decided
only to rebuild the modules needed for my own immediate

One of my clients (the same one mentioned above) is still
using 1.5.2.  They are using it still because it works,
because they weren't sure if the 2.0 would have any
problems (it being a ".0" release) and because they didn't
want to reinstall all of their extensions (PIL, Numeric,
wxWindows, etc.) on their windows boxes.

                    dalke at

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