PEP 236: Back to the __future__

Karsten Petersen wunschname at
Tue Feb 27 05:25:05 EST 2001

some comments from the lurkers-corner:

I am not too lucky with all those improvements/changes inside the
language.  In fact I am rather scared.

Let me explain why:
Since 1997 I am using Python for a lot of my projects, the reasons were
ease of use, the clearness of the language and its availability and
compatibility across platform borders.

And well, I still use Python 1.5.2 and am not seeing a reason to

If I upgrade to 2.0, I will have to recompile all C modules, check
everything if it still runs and so on.  But what about 2.1 or 2.2?
Will I have to recompile and/or recheck everything again?
For me it seems so, and I am not willing to do that.

I want to _use_ Python, its implementation details are something I am
not really interested in.

It is possible to compile C sources that were written in the 80s.

It is possible to run (more or less simple) Perl programs which are
several years old.

Will I be able in 2005 to run the code I have written today?

If there would be one big change I could cope with it.  But with smaller
changes and trouble every couple of months I am rather unsatisfied.

Greets, Karsten
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