Python v.s. Ruby?

Tim Peters at
Mon Feb 26 20:41:48 CET 2001

> Thanks. /F
> Lots of saying about Ruby. So, what do you say, /F?

/F makes his living working with Python, so you don't care what he says
about Ruby <wink>.

Me neither.  Sincere suggestion:  download Python and *try* it!  It's free,
it's easy, and if you've programmed in some other language before you can
very likely learn most of Python in an afternoon by working through the
tutorial that comes with it.  Do the same for Ruby, and then you can make up
your own mind.  Come back then and tell us what *you* think!

Overall, that will consume much less of your time (and ours) than slogging
through hundreds of argumentative messages about it.  I doubt you would
*regret* the time you spent introducing yourself to either language.

i-hear-you're-even-allowed-to-use-both<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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