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Tue Feb 20 16:27:02 CET 2001

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 14:42:23 -0000, "Burkhard Kloss" <bk at> wrote in
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:> >I'm looking for a moderately priced web hosting service that supports
:> >Python 2.0. Anyone know of any such?
:Hurricane Electric ( allows you to install your own software -
:including in my case python.

My host also let me install my own software, so I could run Python 2.0 (they
only have 1.5.1 on the server and will not upgrade at this time, due to too
many core dependencies), but it took up over 20 Meg of space. I had to pay for
extra disk space, because this took me over my space for the package I have.

I just mention this, since others might want to be aware how much disk space
the install takes up (and I took a lot of the optional stuff out).

Sheila King

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