CPAN functionality for python

Doug Hellmann doughellmann at
Tue Feb 13 06:50:05 EST 2001

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> On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 14:06:37 GMT, 
> 	ssthapa at <ssthapa at> wrote:
>>code up there.  Any comments, suggestions, or help on where to go from
>>here  would also be appreciated.
> How about getting a Starship account?  Then you can run CGI scripts to
> allow searching and using your proposed index, as a way of getting user
> feedback.

Why use standard CGI? This is a perfect application for Zope, the ZODB,
and the Catalog. There could be a standard browsable interface which could
be used with a web browser, and the special-purpose client could use
XML-RPC to communicate with the server.

I would be willing to help implement a Zope-based solution, if
experienced Zope developers are needed.


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